For Appointment Call (604-926-5575) - (First time bookings please call)


For Appointment Call (604-926-5575) - (First time bookings please call)

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At our salon our aim is for your dog to enjoy their spa day and for you to love their look!! How we work: We work one on one with your dog taking the amount of time and care needed to ensure a great bath, haircut and experience for your dog. We work together with our clients to ensure we achieve the look you want.


Our Services

We provide high quality on on one grooming services in a hygienic, safe, modern salon, providing the loving care your pet would receive at home. While your dog is with us we care for them like they are our own. Our hours are flexible as we are by appointment only. Walk in nail trim appointments are not guaranteed. Prices are only estimates based on size and coat types. We charge based on the time and skill it takes to work with each individual dog so prices may vary. We are not able to give an exact price without first meeting your dog. We ask that your dog be dropped off 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time and picked up within an hour of their appointment’s completion.

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    Full Groom

    Includes styling, clipping and trimming, bath with conditioner, fluff dry, ear clean, and nail trim.

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    Puppy Groom

    Feet and face trim, hygiene clip, nail clip, bath including conditioner, ear clean. A Puppy Groom is a perfect way to introduce you new family member to the world of grooming

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    Bath & Brush

    Scrubbed clean with our high quality shampoo and conditioner. Fluff dry and coat completely brushed out, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed

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    Nail Trim

    Keep your dogs nails short for their overall health and wellness. Routine trimming will prevent the quick from growing out Please call(604-926-5575) for nail trim appointment


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